Saturday, May 20, 2017

What is wrong with you, America?

I dunno.. maybe its me. Old fashioned, or whatever. Maybe as I get closer to meeting my maker I am becoming intolerant of stupid people, or people doing stupid stuff

One thing is for sure, the National and local news stations make me sick with the way they report things, and WHAT they report now.

Just saw an article on one of the local news rags where they claim some guy in Denver Colorado, removed the "nads" from a woman. Turns out it was one of those sick twisted people that think a human can change their gender.  DNA does not change. You are either a man or a woman, there is no such thing as transgender and the media is shoving that in our faces. I am sick of it.. its twisted, its wrong, it is mental.

Then I read another article about some snowflake whining that President Trump's budget spends too much on the military and leaves nothing for social programs. Yet his budget graph shows 2.7 trillion used for social security and social programs, almost 2/3rds of the entire budget. WTF is wrong with these people?

And I still see people whining about Trumps tax returns, but said NOTHING about Obama's personal records that are STILL SEALED.. The ones that show he is using someone elses social security number, went to college as a foreign student, among other things.

And the way media reports news today. Everything negative about the President, yet they never questioned what obama did, they never questioned the fact that Hillary fixed a primary election, and was given preferential treatment in the Debates..

We have a serious problem here folks.  The people spoke loudly to BOTH parties when the elected Donald Trump to the US Presidency. First, they rejected the progressive socialism the democratic party has been taken over by, as it no longer represents the working class.

Second, they rejected the RINOS and establishment politicians in WDC.. And neither side INCLUDING the main stream media doesn't get it yet. In fact, it seems both sides of the establishment are trying to get rid of President Trump, instead of working with him to make the USA great again. Why? Because they would have to WORK to get their money, instead of being lazy.

Working class people who are willing to work for what they get, are tired of paying for lazy asses who want everything given to them. They are tired of the parasites.  And yet the media still doesn't understand that.

And the unemployment figures? That lie?  5 million people out of work not being counted? How much longer do those idiots reporting the news, and the morons in WDC think the American people are going to keep buying into that stupidity?.

And what is all this hypocrisy about separation of church and state, where Christianity is kept out of the schools but the schools are catering to the religious demands of the muslims?  And its not just in our schools either. These immigrants are demanding our businesses cater to their views. As workers working for a company, many have filed discrimination complaints that are absurd to most Americans, yet companies are being forced by the courts to change policies to accommodate these people? What other group of immigrants have done this? NONE.

And let us not mention the fact that many of them get some kind of government assistance before they have so much as contributed one dime or days work to the benefit of this country and its people.

Now lets talk about the stupidity of sanctuary cities and the morons who support illegal immigrants. These people by definition are criminals for being here. They are stealing from every one of us, because our country has to redirect and use our limited resources to track them down, arrest them, house and feed them, until they get deported. These resources could be used for other things such as rebuilding the nations infrastructure. And the cost is in the hundreds of billions of dollars yearly. Yet we have many people who are stupid enough to support these people, making absurd claims that if we do not let them in, no one will be here to harvest the crops. Fact is most of them do not work on farms, only about 10 percent do. The rest have taken over jobs in Industry and skilled trades. Heck the place I worked at was well known for hiring them, and INS. or ICE as its called now, on a regular basis took buss loads of them out of the 2 plants where they worked making auto parts.

And what is this shear stupidity coming from California about so called educated students claiming free speach is racist and should be abolished? Are you kidding me? Yep, that's what they said..

And Black lives matter, another racist group that doesn't care about blacks at all. If they did they would be demanding an end to the killings of blacks by blacks in Chicago and Detroit.

And my grandfathers political party the democrats have been infiltrated by the Communists/socialists who call themselves progressives.. They have no place in the USA, as the historical evidence is showing us they want to destroy the USA and turn it into another 3rd world cess pool failure like all the other ones.  The party needs to be investigated, its members arrested, charged with sedation and kicked out of the country.

And how about these high school kids whose yearbook included a statement that President Trump should be beheaded? The student who made that comment should be arrested, the administrators fired for allowing it to happen.

And Sports athletes who refuse to stand for the national anthem. They need to be kicked off their teams, and thrown out of the sport. What a bunch of over paid losers.

The Veterans Administration is still a mess. Time to shut it down.

Obama care is unconstitutional for obvious reasons and needs to be abolished.

Then we have a bunch of stupid people trying to erase history in the south by removing statues, and banning the Confederate battle flag.  

We have a group of people who still think this is 1860 and slavery is still an issue. Sorry folks, No reparations for you.. None of you was a slave, and most of you were born 100 years AFTER the end of the civil war.

Unless this country pulls its collective head out of its ass, we are going to be in big trouble soon. We need to enforce the laws on the books, and start prosecuting those people who are actively working to destroy our country from within.  And they have a jump start on the rest of us..

Friday, January 6, 2017

Tax Honesty part 2, reforming the Treasury department.

In 1918, the 16th amendment to the US Constitution was declared ratified.  Many people think that this amendment gave the US congress a new taxing power. No, it did not. The USSC (US Supreme court) said in a still standing ruling that the 16th did not create any new powers of taxation.  Thus, all it did was settle a legal argument. Congress has always had the power to tax incomes, - as an EXCISE tax. This means it does not require apportionment.

Since that time there have been hundreds of tax cases. In fact it got so bad, the government created a new department within the Justice system called  Tax Court, to hear all of the cases. If the tax court failed, the people could take their case to the USSC.

Tax court is where you go to argue the amount due, not the underlying liability, or issues of the law itself. This court has limited jurisdiction.

The biggest problem we have to day, is not the law itself. It is written for the most part, very clearly. The problem we have is with the UST, (US Treasury department) and its subdivision the IRS (Internal revenue service).

Congress created the office of Internal Revenue Commissioner. Congress did not create the IRS. No one seems to know who did, but many agree that a group within the UST became known as the IRS some time around 1945.

Today there is little if any oversight imposed on the UST and its subdivision the IRS. Most recently in 2014 and 2015, the US congress has tried to hold the IRCom (Internal revenue commissioner) John Koskinen accountable to the laws of the country, claiming he obstructed a congressional investigation and perjered himself to that committee. The congress also tried to hold IRS administrative agent Louis Learner accountable to the law, and failed to do so.

If the US congress cannot hold employees of the US government and the UST accountable to the law, who can?

In 1989, US Senator Roth held IRS hearings for a full week. These hearings were aired on CSPAN, What was said at these hearings should have caused an armed uprising. It did not. But what was said was VERY important. 

3 things came out of these hearings.
  1. The UST IRS does not like people looking closely at what they do.
  2. The UST IRS does not want nor will tolerate a Historian, like other departments have.
  3. The UST IRS does what it wants, to whom it wants, because it can. (Because they are never held accountable to any one for anything.)

This was true then, and still is to this day.  President Ronald Reagan said,  that this country was 20 years over due for a tax revolt. He served as president from 1980 to 1988. And here we are 3 decades later and we are STILL over due. 

Congress does nothing. 8 years of the democrats illegal acting as if he were a president, has resulted in a lot of damage to the country, and our finances are in ruin. We are very very close to total bankruptcy. But there is still a chance to fix things. Still a slim chance of hope.

There is one way to hold the UST accountable to the law and to congress.  Something they have fought for years.

An act that was created to keep the cost of government down. It is called the Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA)  and is administered by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

The UST is one of 2 government entities not subject to this law.  We need to remove the exemption for the UST IRS from this law, and subject the IRS to the PRA so that the OMB can impose oversight.  Until we do this, the IRS and the UST will continue to be held unaccountable. And taxpayers and tax payers will both continue to be abused by the IRS and suffer its poor administration.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Tax Honesty Part 1. The beginning

These are my own thoughts and some information here may not be entirely accurate, so check this stuff out for yourself.

Somewhere, sometime, someone got tired of dealing with IRS people, or asked them selves a question. Why am I paying the government a fee to do that which is necessary for me to live as a human being? Or they wondered about why they were paying so many taxes. The fact is the percentage of ones resources that went to taxation has constantly increased since 1900. The tax burden on the American people currently is somewhere between 40 and 70 percent, depending on where you live, and what your circumstances are.  When government takes more than half, its socialism. And we are NOT that kind of country.

One of the reasons our founding fathers came to this land was to escape the drowning amount of taxation and debt being placed on the common people in Europe. Being a tax protester was a good thing there, and it was welcomed here.

So the founding fathers tried to give us a system of LIMITED government. But it had to be funded, and that meant TAXES. Now they thought they had good ideas as to how to limit that power.  Article 1 section 8 clause 1 of the nations Charter is the tax power, and there are 3 other limitation clauses as well.

But the big controversy is the Income tax. And I think the founders missed this. And this is what Tax Honesty is all about. The miss application of our nations tax laws when it comes to income taxes.

Congress didn't even use income tax until the civil war. President Lincoln was the first to implement it to pay for the war, and that started the avalanche of litigation that is still going on today.

Many famous cases resulted from this era. Cases challenged the law. Some claimed income tax was a direct tax others an indirect tax, and all kinds of things. Slowly the courts worked it all out.

An Income tax is an excise tax, which is a tax that does not require apportionment, is not a direct tax, and must be applied uniformly through out the several states.

Then they argued what is and what is not an excise tax. And what was the excise tax power limitations?  Some of this is still being argued in court rooms today.

Then we have the controversy of the 16th Amendment. The "do nothing amendment". In legal circles it is clearly understood that the 16th Amendment to the nations charter, really is an unnecessary amendment as it does nothing. What it did was settle a legal argument without a court judgement. It settled the fact that income taxes are excise taxes. Period.

Since then the courts have ruled that the 16th did not create any new power of taxation. Nor did it change any of the existing powers or limitations of taxation, which existed at the time of its adoption (which itself is in question).

And yet today there are still people who will argue that the 16th gave congress a new power it did not have before.

The ratification of the 16th is in question because of the states changing the proposed wording of the proposed amendment. Furthermore since the building were records were kept burned down in a fire, we have no proof that the state of Virginia actually passed the Amendment.  But the historical fact is that Secretary of State at the time, Philander Knox declared the 16th to have been ratified and so it became law of the land.

In the mean time, our country survived on trade taxes. Duty taxes, imposts and stuff like that.  We had roads, trains, post offices, An army and an Navy. We even had schools.

It was this period of time, the 1900's to 1941 that major changes were happening all over the USA. Technology was moving forward in leaps and bounds. We had the new Automobile that was replacing horse drawn buggies and wagons. Candle lighting and gas lighting was being replaced with electric lighting. Improvements in building construction and ship building, and  manufacturing were all taking place, changing the face of American life.

Then World War 1 hit us and that changed us forever. Still we had a limited income tax on corporations, most people did not pay income tax. Then they started the Victory tax which was an income tax on individuals. It was voluntary. Now it seems that it is mandatory. In a way it is, but its application for being mandatory is limited, and the Treasury department is not held to any standard. This is why we have the mess we have now.

Tax Honesty Movement is all but dead.

I spent a lot of my earlier life involved in the tax honesty movement doing research and being involved in meetings, court cases, IRS hearings, and that kind of thing.

A grass roots movement, which happened from about 1970 to 2010 more or less, gave us some interesting results.

But for the last 10 years I have been out of it, due to health reasons.  I recently found myself drawn back into it, and had some catching up to do. And I found out that this movement, is pretty much dead now.

What started with a few tax protesters writing books and sharing knowledge that they believed to be true, (and in most cases was, but was not applied properly), ended up in some major events that should (and some do) still effect us today.

President Ronald Reagan said that this country was 20 years over due for a major tax revolt, and he was right then, and we are still over due. And he served as President from 1980 to 1988.

Highlights of this movement include the week long IRS hearings held by Senator Roth, on Cspan in 1998. This series of hearings exposed a LOT of problems within the USTD and its subdivision the IRS.  Among them, the testimony of the 1st and only IRS historian Shelly Waxman's scathing testimony of the shear audacity attitude of the IRS workers and management. The conclusion of this series of hearings was best described by one IRS workers own words. " We do what we want, to whom we want, because we can".  And even today this same mentality prevails.

Shortly after that Charles Yantzee wrote a book, "Confessions of a Tax Collector" that pretty much echoed the testimony given during those hearings.

IRS workers and former workers became celebrities in the movement.  Sherri Jackson, an award winning, former Revenue agent joined the tax honesty movement AFTER she left service in the IRS to care for her elderly mother. She discovered the truth and joined the movement.

Joe Bannister an Enforcement agent joined the movement while still on the job! He did so because he filed an inquiry with his upper management, who responded in a way that made him pause to think.. They told him to shut up and do is job or leave the service. Joe was eventually forced to leave the IRS and was attacked via litigation for standing up for what he believed to be the truth.

Sherry Jackson also later was punished just like Bannister, with litigation and I believe ended up doing some jail time.

Such actions were standard procedure for the IRS. They punish those who leave or turn their backs on the IRS or who expose the IRS's wrong doings.

Mean while many American Citizens were busy with their own fights against the IRS. Many went to court, some ended in Jail, and a few ended up at the Supreme Court of the US.

Tax Guru's like Irwin Schiff, John Kotimer, Barry Konikov, Larkin Rose, were some of the names mentioned at the time. Arron Russo's movie "America, freedom to Facisim" was made to sound the alarm about what was going on.  Bob Shultz of the "we the people Congress" group, was part of Arron's support team, and it was his case that went to the Supreme court.

If I remember correctly, Bob had 2 cases. 1 was about the peoples right to petition the US government for grievances. This case got thrown out, i believe because it is the states that have that right, not people.  His case about 5th amendment rights when dealing with the USTD and its subdivision the IRS did go to the USSC and he won that case, if I remember correctly. His website is still on line but is no longer active, the last entries are from 2012.

The latest guru to stick his head up is one radio show host by the name of Dave Chumpian, who wrote a book and calls taxation, theft. I disagree. Taxation may be a necessary evil, but the way the USTD administers it is the theft, not the law itself.

Overall the movement as a whole has been a partial success. Mainly because the lack of the people involved to come together to go after common issues, and to seek litigation on those issues. Bob Shultz showed us what COULD be achieved if we all did that.

Ive decided to post more on this, so it will be a multi post comment. I want to go into more detail about what happened and why. I think its important for people who want to know who were not part of it, to know what happened.

Monday, February 29, 2016

This is why Trump is right about the southern border problem.

A 17-year-old girl has pleaded no contest to implanting skimming devices in gas pumps around the state.

Police following the group to (location withheld for this blog). There, detectives say, the suspects purchased several thousand dollars’ worth of prepaid debit cards using cloned credit cards. Detectives found several of the cloned credit cards in the trash nearby.    

And who pays for it? You the consumer in the form of higher prices to cover the losses of the businesses and insurance companies that have to pay out for claims.

You can read the whole story for yourself.

Not only is this nation spending BILLIONS of dollars a year to care for illegals, (estimated 500 billion for 2015), add to it, what the states spend to educate their kids, and the cost to businesses and people from thefts like this, and you can easily understand why Donald Trump is saying we need to secure our borders, and build that Wall!.

This is why we have no money to take care of our own poor people. Our disabled, our Veterans. Because our government is wasting billions on these people.  It is clear by the actions of these few (who got caught this week) that they are not here to get a better life. These folks came here to STEAL, and to do crimes that in their own country would probably get them killed.

As Trump said, there are good ones..And we want them here.. but too many of them are like this. Across the USA, county jails are filled with these people to the point where ICE won't even come to get them to deport them. The system is overwhelmed. We MUST round up these people and deport them  and we will immediately see a cost savings to American taxpayers. 

Maybe after we kick out  2 or 3 of the estimated 30 million of them, we will start to have enough money to fix some of our roads, and start caring for our own poor and disabled.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Call to Remove Obama over Muslim attacks on US Soil

The idiot in the white house needs to be removed NOW.
His continual refusal to call attacks by radical Muslim extremists acts of terrorism is no longer acceptable.
His refusal to acknowedge the problem is people not guns, is no longer acceptable.
He has failed to protect the American people.
His failure to secure the nations borders where over 50 different nationalities have been caught entering into the country illegally is unacceptable.

The list goes on and on.. It is time for the democrats in the US Senate to impeach this threat to America's security and remove him from office before a major massacre happens.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

STOP THE SPAM, Enough advertisements, they are ruining the Internet.

I am ready to pull the plug on the internet.

My first android tablet is saturated with Advertisements (spam). I cannot play a game on my tablet without adverts if I have it connected to the internet.  Its like the thing was designed to be a portable advert projector.   I am ready to throw it at a brick wall.

I used to use adblock plus, but android 4.2.2 made it useless. Now the adblocker I have is only about 1/3rd as effective as ABP was.

Windows 10, is not an operating system, but Spyware, an  Advertising generator designed to watch what you do, where you go, so it can target you with even more spam.

I will not upgrade to it. Windows had better come out with something else less intrusive in the future or it will start to loose shares of the computer operating system. as people start to go to Apple, as many of my friends and family are already doing so and like Apple's IOS even better than Windblows.

On public forums such as facebook, Disque, and other such places, Endless adverts, and now morons are posting "work at home scams".

This does not include the 135 pounds of junk mail I get in my US Postal service mail box here at home each year.

I already got rid of my tv and dropped CABLE TV because of endless advertising.  I used a stop watch and got 23 minutes of advertising in one hour. At the rates Comcast charges for Cable TV,  I decided to yank the plug. I sold the TV 4 years ago.  I am not going to pay those rates to get 120 channels of endless spam.

And Internet? 80 a month for 8gig (top end) internet and they are now going to metered service. Anything over 300GB per month will cost you 10 bucks for every 50GB.. and half of that is Unwanted SPAM on every frigging webpage you happen to click on. Facebook has an average of 15 adverts per page.

And with spy ware targeting you with adverts that you may or may not want, I simply am tired of my privacy being invaded by unauthorized and unwanted spam. I am paying for internet usage, not spam reading.

The industry MUST cut back on the spam or I believe more and more people will start pulling the plug on both Cable TV and Internet. Or at least cutting back to the minimum service levels as I just did with my internet service.

Saturation advertising is killing the internet. Easier to unplug than to keep fighting it.

Stop the spam. Stop the Adverts.